Bought Cross-Sale Revenue

When you buy a cross-sale it's not always easy or simple to see how much revenue it produces. We created this view give you an overview with just a glance.

In the example below the results are remarkably similar over a 60 day period (comparing the last 30 days versus the previous 31 to 60 days).


The Terms

Bought Cross-Sale Revenue

Revenue from cross-sales you have purchased not including chargebacks, refunds and partial refunds.


The selection is chosen in the filters. By default, it is the last 30 days.


The comparison is chosen in the filters. By default, it is the last 31 to 60 days.


The percentage difference between the selection and the comparison. It is green when it is positive and red when it is negative.

The Math


The total gross revenue generated by cross-sales you have purchased.

The Visuals

X axis (or horizontal axis)

Calendar days

Y axis (or vertical axis)

US dollar amounts

Blue Line

Selection (by default: current status for the last 30 days). Change the selection in the filters.

Grey Line

Comparison (by default: previous 31 to 60 days). Change the comparison in the filters.

The Updates

This report updates daily at 21:00 CET / GMT+2. It shows data from the day before.

The Filters

Default is 30 days like almost all reports

When comparing data ranges it is good to use the same amount of days in the selection and comparison.