Daily Rebill Revenue

"Are my rebills increasing? Decreasing? By how much are the changing?"

This is the key revenue figure for most subscription businesses. It could represent up to 70% of your total revenue.

It's easy to track it here in this chart with its built in comparisons.


The Terms

Daily Rebill Revenue

The revenue generated by rebills, upgrades and instant upgrades each day.


The selection is chosen in the filters. By default, it is the last 30 days.


The comparison is chosen in the filters. By default, it is the last 31 to 60 days.


The percentage difference between the selection and the comparison. It is green when it is positive and red when it is negative.

The Math

Rebill Revenue

Each rebill has a price. We add up the amount that each person spent on a rebill each day.

For example...

10 upgrades at $30 per month = $300

45 first month rebills at $30 per month = $1,350

20 second month rebills at $30 per month = $600

15 third month memberships at $30 per month = $450

The total would be $2,700 for the day.

The Visuals

X axis (or horizontal axis)

The daily rebill revenue as a US dollar amount.

Y axis (or vertical axis)

How often the daily rebill revenue figure happened during the period. The higher the point of the curve the more often that daily rebill revenue number happened. The lower the point, the rarer it was to see that daily rebill revenue number during the period.

Blue Line

Selection (by default: current status for the last 30 days). Change the selection in the filters.

Grey Line

Comparison (by default: previous 31 to 60 days). Change the comparison in the filters.

The Updates

This report, like most others, updates once per day at 8 a.m. CET / GMT+2.

The Filters

Default is 30 days like almost all reports

When comparing data ranges it is good to use the same amount of days in the selection and comparison.