What is driving my business's performance?

Drivers are the things that impact your business most. These include conversion rate and sales among others. They are often called Key Performance Indicators. They help you understand how your business is changing.


The Drivers included on the home page are:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Net Member Change
  • Lifetime Value
  • Daily Sales Revenue
  • Daily Rebill Revenue
  • Daily Cancellations

Is it common? Is it rare?

Density charts help you to see beyond simple averages to know if you need to take action. Decision-makers within companies have to focus on what matters. A simple average can't tell you when something is unusually good or bad. The density chart tells you how often something happens.

(density charts to detect trends) A density chart is the distribution of data over a continuous interval or time period.

To read the density chart you have to look at the curves and the average interval in which conversion rate happens most of the time.

Example Driver: Conversion Rate

The Selection

The selection, by default, shows the last 30 days for your whole business. You can change that to reflect anything you want in the @filters. In the graph below the average for Conversion Rate was 8.3% for selection. The percentages are on the X or horizontal axis.

Most of the time your conversion rate was between 6.5% and 9.5%.

Good Days and Bad Days

There were days when the conversion rate was higher, but there weren't many of these days. Over the last 30 days, you only had 2 or 3 days when your conversion rate was between 9.5% and 13.5%. You also had a few bad days when the conversion rate was below 6.5%.


The Comparison

The comparison, by default the previous 31 to 60 days, shows a conversion rate average of 6.8%

Good Days and Bad Days

Your conversion rate has improved dramatically over the last 30 days. In the comparison you had only a few good days at around 8.3% (your new average). And you had many worse days.