Number of Refunds Per Reason

Quickly compare the refunds per reason between the selection and comparison. Are refund reasons changing? What does it say about your products? What does it say about your customers?


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The Terms

Access problems

The customer receives a refund because technical reasons prevented access to the product/service.

CS - Fraud/it's not my membership!

A customer receives a refund after telling a customer support agent that fraud has been committed and/or the customer did not create the membership.

Chargeback threat

The customer support agent perceived a significant threat of a chargeback and refunded the membership.

Merchant Request

The merchant requested the refund on the part of the customer without giving a reason.

Risk - Ethoca / Verifi

Ethoca or Verifi indicated that the transaction would become a chargeback.

Risk - Retrieval

Risk - Screening / Suspicious

Human and/or machine review determined a high risk of chargeback

Risk - Stolen Card

The card was stolen.

Risk - TC40 / Safe file

The card networks indicated that the transaction was likely to chargeback.

Too Expensive

The customer was refunded because he/she found the membership price to be too high.

Unwanted additional purchase (xsales, onetime shots, oneclicks, xsale upscale)

The customer claims that he/she made an accidental additional purchase. The customer support team identifies a risk of chargeback.

Unwanted rebill/upgrade

A customer claims that the rebill / upgrade was unwanted. The customer support agent identifies a risk of chargeback.

Wrong offer selected

A customer claims that he/she selected the wrong offer. The customer support agent identifies a risk of chargeback.

The Math

Refunded Members per Reason

Count of refunded members by refund reason


Divide the count of the selection by the count of the comparison

The Visuals

X axis (or horizontal axis)

Count of refunds

Y axis (or vertical axis)

Reasons per refund

The Updates

This report updates daily at 21:00 CET / GMT+2. It shows data from the day before.

The Filters

Default is 30 days like almost all reports

When comparing data ranges it is good to use the same amount of days in the selection and comparison.