This Month's Revenue, Sales and Rebills

This is a longer-term view to give you some perspective on your month.

If you work with monthly goals you and your team can easily and simply track your performance. See how far you have come and how you are likely to finish the month for revenue, sales and rebills.

The comparison with previous months is built right in to make it even easier to understand your results.


The Terms

This Month’s Revenue

Amount of money generated during the month (calendar day Central European Time GMT+2.

This Month’s Sales

Number of new subscriptions during the month.

This Month’s Rebills

Number of rebills during the month.

The Math

This Month’s Revenue

The sum of all transaction types, not including chargebacks, refunds, partial refunds, and when a user updates the payment method

This Month’s Sales

The sum of all new sales during the month, not including rebill, cross-sale, upgrade, chargeback, refund, partial refund, and upgrade payment method.

This Month’s Rebills

The sum of all rebills during the day, including upgrade and instant upgrade


Forecasts use artificial intelligence to predict your future performance. It analyzes patterns from historical data and updates the forecast to take into account any changes in your business. Forecasts are calculated using an AI model (decision-tree), based on historical data (hour, day, day of week, month, etc.). This is an advanced model that takes uncommon scenarios into account.

The Visuals

The X axis (or horizontal axis)

Day of the month

The Y axis (or vertical axis)

US dollars or a count. presents: USD

Dark Blue Line

This line shows real progress over time. It is actual data.

Light Blue Line

This line shows the current forecast. This is updated every day based on all of your historical data.

Dark Grey Line

The grey line represents the average of the last 30 days for comparison. When you change the filters the grey line provides a new comparison. For example, when you set the filter to show 3 months of data the comparison will reflect 3 months of data.

The Updates

Monthly Revenue is updated every 8 hours.

Monthly Sales and Monthly Rebills update once per day at 8 a.m. CET (GMT+2) for the previous day.

The Filters

The default setting for the Selection is the last 30 days. The default setting for the comparison is the previous days 31 to 60.

When comparing data ranges it is good to use the same amount of days in the selection and comparison.