Cryptocurrency support was added to Gateway Payment API

We added support for cryptocurrencies to Gateway Payment API. Please refer documentation to learn more.

Paysafecard payment method removed

paysafecard payment method was removed from the list of Payment method IDs

Vendo WooCommerce plugin - Brazil PIX is now supported

Brazilian payment method PIX is now supported by Vendo's WooCommerce plugin v2.1.0 Click here to download the new version.

Subscription API - new features

Subscription API - new features have been added.
Update subscription schedule
Cancel subscription

Customizing checkout page

A new doc on how to customize checkout page was added.
Customizing checkout pages

Vendo WooCommerce plugin fixed (v2.0.1)

We fixed a bug in the Vendo WooCommerce plugin v2 which didn't allow using it without the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.
With the new release of version 2.0.1 you can now use it both with or without the Subscription plugin.
Download plugin

Gateway Payment API now supports PIX payment method

We added support for the popular Brazilian payment method PIX and updated our documentation to explain how to use is.

Glossary created

Created the Vendo glossary Page. Can be found here:

subscription_schedule parameters added to Gateway Payment API

It's now possible to create automatic recurring subscriptions via the Gateway API by adding the new subscription_schedule parameters.
See Payment API

Change subscription API endpoint

A new endpoint for updating subscription rebill parameters