WooCommerce plugin: accept crypto payments

Vendo's WooCommerce plugin now accepts crypto payments, download the new version 2.2 from here.

Non-recurring S2S Payments

We added a new parameter non_recurring to the S2S Payment API. This parameter can be used to improve acceptance with some banks.

NATS integration: Crypto and brazilian PIX

We've added details on how to configure Crypto and PIX in NATS. Click here for more details.

Gateway API: Running test transactions

We created a new page where we explain how to run test transactions to test the integration with credit cards, brazilian PIX and Crypto.

Cryptocurrency support was added to Gateway Payment API

We added support for cryptocurrencies to Gateway Payment API. Please refer documentation to learn more.

Paysafecard payment method removed

paysafecard payment method was removed from the list of Payment method IDs

Vendo WooCommerce plugin - Brazil PIX is now supported

Brazilian payment method PIX is now supported by Vendo's WooCommerce plugin. Click here to download the new version.

Subscription API - new features

Subscription API - new features have been added.
Update subscription schedule
Cancel subscription

Customizing checkout page

A new doc on how to customize checkout page was added.
Customizing checkout pages