Important information about the payment method SEPA

SEPA payments aren't processed in real time.



SEPA payments are not instantly processed.

It can take up to 5 working days before the payment is confirmed by the account holder's bank. Merchants that ship hard goods are advised to wait until the transaction reaches the COMPLETED status before mailing anything to the buyer.

You may check transaction status in Vendo BO, in the Action History section

SEPA Refunds

It's not advised to issue a refund for a SEPA transaction from the merchant's side. Instead the customer should contact their bank in order to return the charge.


SEPA payments should not be refunded

The correct way is to advise the customer to return the charge. They may do it anyway and get then a double refund.

Availability by country

SEPA is currently enabled for selected European countries. Vendo continuously monitors the performance of SEPA in available countries and enables it where performance is high and risk is low.
If you're interested in supporting a particular country, please reach out to our merchant support team.