Subscription Management

This module provides access to subscription details, allowing you to view associated information.


You can see the transactions main view by going to Sales > Subscriptions.

  1. Once you are in the main view, you can see a list of subscriptions with the following columns:
IDSubscription identifier
ParentID of the parent subscription from which the current one originated
TypeTransaction type
UsernameLogin username
SIDSite Identifier (hover over the number to see the site name)
MIDMerchant Identifier (hover over the number to see the merchant name)
Reg.DateRegistration date; signup date in CET
CancelDateCancellation date in CET
ExpiryDateDate in CET when the subscription is due to expire
NextChargeDate in CET for the next charge related to this subscription
StatusStatus of the subscription (active, expiring, expired)
  1. You can search a subscription by using the desired filters and clicking Search.

Subscription IDUnique identifier for the subscription
DateSelect date range for the registration date
First nameCustomer's first name
Last NameCustomer's surname
EmailCustomer's email address
UsernameCustomer's login username
MerchantSelect from the dropdown menu
SiteSite's name or site ID
Test SubscriptionCheck the box for a test or real subscription

  1. Hover the mouse over the subscription ID to see the details in the quick view.
  2. Click Reset Search Results to reset the filters.
  3. You can also export the subscription list by clicking Save as Excel.