See the list of transactions

In this module, you can see the transactions list and its related information. From here you will also be able to cancel subscriptions, and cancel, refund and expire transactions.


  1. You can see the transactions main view by going to Sales > Transactions.
    Once you are in the main view, you can see a list of transactions with the following columns:
IDTransaction identifier that shows a color depending on the transaction status.
TypeTransaction type
NameEnd user's name and surname
EmailUser's email
UsernameLogin username
MIDMerchant Identifier for whose site the transaction was made (hover the mouse cursor over the number in the column, to see the name of the merchant).
SIDSite Identifier for which the transaction was made (hover the mouse cursor over the number to see the name of the site).
AmountTransaction amount
PaymentIndicates the payment type: card, direct, debit, ID (ideal), SF (sofort) and PP (Paypal)
DateIndicates the Transaction timestamp
ErrorIf there is an error while the transaction is being processed, it will be listed in this column. You can hover the mouse over this columns to see the error name.



See the error codes in Transaction error codes document.

  1. You can search a transaction id by using the desired filters and clicking Search.
Transaction IDTransaction identifier
DateDate of the transaction
EmailUser's email
MerchantMerchant name or Merchant ID
SiteSite name or site ID (SID)
StatusTransaction status: Accepted, Rejected or Imported.
TypeTransaction type. See Transaction Types
Test TransactionsYou can choose between real and test transactions. See How to run test transactions
  1. Hover the mouse over the transaction id to see the details.
  2. Click Reset search results to reset the filters.
  3. You can also export to pdf the transactions list by clicking Save as Excel.
  4. You can expire, cancel and refund transactions or cancel subscriptions by selecting the box located next to the ID and then clicking one of the buttons above.