Repurchase link

The repurchase link allows your users to re-purchase an expired subscription.


What offer will be used when processing a repurchase?

The offer that was used in the expired subscription will be used. Make sure you still have it configured in your platform before using this feature.


Repurchase link in Vendo's Customer Portal

Users can also repurchase their expired subscriptions from Vendo's Customer Portal too.
If you don't want to allow users to repurchase their expired subscriptions then please contact Vendo Client Services to deactivate this feature.

Base URL


These are the parameters that you must pass over the query string in order to build the repurchase URL.

subscriptionintegeryesVendo Subscription ID.

Identifier for the expired subscription which the user desires to re-purchase.
refstringnoPass-through variable. We'll post back this value back to your system in all callbacks. It will be posted in the parameter called merchant_reference.

Important: If you don't provide this parameter then our platform will post the same reference that was used in the old subscription.
signaturestringnesThe URL Signature.

For more information, see Signing URLs

Redirection parameters

See the "Redirection parameters" and "Placeholders" sections under Standard Join link