Vendo Data Tools

Vendo Data Tools (VDT) is a reporting tool developed by our team to ensure that all of our merchants can easily access data, enabling them to make informed decisions that optimize revenue and business strategies.

 How to access

Vendo Data Tools is accessible through Vendo Backoffice, under the Data Tools > Reports section (see image below)


The Dashboard is composed of two independent sheets:

  • Vendo Data Tools: shows the main Key Parameters Indicators in an aggregated form
  • Simple Report: shows total count and revenue for accepted and rejected transactions aggregated by transaction type and currency.

Both dashboards have data up to YESTERDAY and only show data for the merchants associated with your account. The data gets updated every day at 5:00 AM Central European Time.


All terms used are defined in the Glossary section.

How to read charts

The following section summarises how to read the special charts available in the Dashboard.

For all cases, please check the numbers marked on the image below each explanation.

KPI Increase Summary

The chart reads “On 19th of March 2024, the total revenue was 60,652.09 USD, 5% more compared with the previous day, 18th of March 2024”

  1. Main value of the KPI. In this case, total revenue
  2. Date used to calculate the value 1. In this case, 19th of March 2024.
  3. Date and value used to compare with. In this case, 18th of March 2024, with an amount of 57,762.1 USD.
  4. Percentage of revenue increase when comparing Value 1 with Value 3.

Line chart with forecasting

  1. A selector is used to change the metric on the y-axis of Value 2.
  2. Line chart of the selected dimension vs date. The yellow area is the forecast for the next 7 days computed by AI.

Important: if the chart only shows 6 historical points, the forecast will not be computed and it will display a message.

Pie chart with dynamic grouping

  1. This is a dynamic field. Depending on the selection, the pie chart will be aggregated on one metric or another.
  2. Pie chart that shows the selected metric (in this case: accepted) vs the grouping selected in Value 1 (in this case, payment type).


Two types of filters are available in all sheets:

  • General filters can be found at the top of the sheet and are used to filter all charts that correspond.
  • Specific filters are placed on the sheet and closer to the graph they are intended to filter.
    • The example below shows two filters “Cancellation Date” and “Cancel reason” that only affect the “Cancelled subscriptions per Cancellation Reason” chart.


Data under all charts can be downloaded as .csv by clicking on the right-up corner of the chart and selecting export.


In case of doubts or questions on the usage of the report, please contact [email protected]