Change Subscription link

The change subscription link allows you to move a user from a membership in Site A to a membership in Site B.
This is a great marketing tool to keep your users active in any of your sites.

You will be able to switch your current subscription to another one by using a One-click link .

Once the switch is completed, the old subscription will be cancelled and will expire immediately.

Configuration steps

  • You must create a new OneClick offer which target site is Site B.
    ** The offer amount must be higher than the current active offer in Site A.
  • The OneClick offer must be a recurring offer.
  • Configure the OneClick offer in Site A.


Additionally, you must add these parameters:

expire_original_subscriptionbooleanyes (if omitted, a normal one-click will be processed and both memberships will be kept active)Set to 1 to ensure that the subscription passed in the subscription ID field will expire after the new subscription is created.

If not set or set to 0, it will behave like a normal oneclick.


For the sake of this example lets assume that the end-user subscription id is 345, the new OneClick offer ID is 12 which target site ID is 123. The reference signature is OIPslx5X. To use the Change Subscription feature you must add the parameter expire_original_subscription=1

In this case, a new subscription is created for site 123 with offer ID 12, and the (now old) subscription 345 will be cancelled and expired.