Chargeback Management

Termination of Service and Customer Support Contact

Upon chargeback import the contracted services get canceled automatically (in the case of ongoing services).

Vendo Customer Support department can contact all the consumers that have initiated a chargeback by email or phone to gather information about the reason for the chargeback.

Lost/Stolen Card Alerts

Upon receiving a lost/stolen alert from the provider, all charges made during a 2 month period before the reception date of the alert are refunded automatically.

TC40/SAFE files

TC40 and SAFE files are used to identify high-risk transactions and fraud.

Blacklist Management

Imported chargeback data is uploaded automatically to prevent future purchases from the loaded order elements.

Elements include:

  • Account number
  • Email address
  • IP (except for shared IP’s)

Chargeback Dispute

Provided that we can gather all the necessary information, Vendo builds up a case to dispute a chargeback with the issuing bank.