In this module, you can see the customers list and all its related information.


  1. You can see the customers main view by going to Sales > Customers.
    Once you are in the main view, you can see a list of customers with the following columns:
IDCustomer's identifier
EmailCustomer's email
FirstnameCustomer's first name
LastnameCustomer's last name
CountryCustomer's billing country
LanguageCustomer's language
Last Login on CPLast time when a client logged in the customer portal
Is WhitelistedIndicates whether the customer is whitelisted
  1. Select the desired customer from the list and click the name to see the detailed view.
  2. You can search a specific customer by using the desired filters and clicking Search.
Customer IDCustomer's identifier
First nameCustomer's first name
Last nameCustomer's last name
EmailCustomer's email
Is whitelistedIndicates whether the customer is in the whitelist
  1. Hover the mouse over the transaction id to see the details.
  2. Click Reset search results to reset the filters.
  3. You can also export to pdf the transactions list by clicking Save as Excel.