3D Secure

Allowing customers to authenticate with 3D Secure

Follow the steps below to make 3D Secure authentication work correctly


3D Secure needed?

Vendo's Gateway decides whether strong customer authentication like 3D Secure is needed for any given payment. The decision is fully automatic and depends on many factors. Contact us if you'd like to know more.


3DS Transactions

It's very important to complete this last step in order to support 3DS transactions!

  1. Log into Vendo's Backoffice.
  2. Find your site and edit it.
  3. Add the correct value to the Success URL field:

(replace https://yourwordpresssite.com with your actual WooCommerce URL).

  1. Save the changes.

Test card details for 3D Secure

If you want to test the 3D Secure payment flow then use the following payment details
Credit Card Number: 4000012892688323
Expiration date: Enter any future date
CVC: 123

Click on "I accept" to simulate successful 3D Secure authentication and authorization of the transaction.