Create a cross sale program

You can create a cross sale program with predefined conditions and then, add the desired affiliates by following these instructions:


  1. Go to Administration and Management → Programs Admin and click Create a New Enabled Program in the Programs section.
  2. Fill in the program fields and click Add program.
Program fieldDescription
Program nameName that affiliates see
Short NameShort name without spaces that is used internally.
Payout Extension DateOnly used on extended payouts.
Program TypeDefines how the program collects its data and the meaning of its payouts. Select the option called cross sale program.
Program is hiddenA hidden program will not appear in the Link Codes and Add tools sections for the affiliate, so they can not directly link to them. You can use these programs to offer things by changing NATS codes.

Once you add the program, a new configuration window appears.
3. Scroll down to tours in this program.
4. Select the new OneClick site to Vendo 1- clicks program from the dropdown list and click Add.
5. Go to Programs Admin > Set Affiliates > Disabled Affiliates, select Vendo 1-click program and click Enable affiliates.
Now you can see Vendo 1-click program in the Enabled Affiliates column.