Add an incoming cross-sale in upsells admin

Upsells Admin allows you to configure and view both upsell and cross-sales through NATS. Upsells allows you to sell membership upgrades to your members, and cross-sales allow you to send or receive membership subscriptions to or from other sites.

Before you can process upsells and/or cross-sales through NATS, you must have a biller that supports those transactions configured in your Billers Admin.


  1. Go to Administration and Management > Upsells Admin > Incoming Cross-Sells.
  2. Scroll down, select VSERVICES as a biller, the site, the program and click Add New Option.
  3. In the new incoming cross sale, add title, initial cost, recurring billing schedule and add the Package ID that Client Services will give you, then click Save Changes.
    The incoming cross sale has been configured.
  4. You can edit your incoming cross-sales by clicking the pencil icon and editing the configuration.
  5. To erase an incoming cross sale, click the bin icon.