Checkout page: Running test transactions with Pay by Bank


IMPORTANT: Email address used in tests

Please always use a fresh, unique email address for every new test! If you have a Gmail account, you can add a plus (+) and a random string before the @ sign. Ex. [email protected]


NOTE: Use non-recurring offers

Pay by Bank does not support recurring transactions at the moment. Make sure you configure and use non-recurring offers.

Running Pay by Bank test transactions

  • Start a test transaction

  • In the checkout page, select Pay by Bank in the Payment Method, fill in the details, and click on "Complete purchase"

  • Thank you for your purchase page will be prompted

  • On the following screen, please click on the "Fake OAuth Bank with Client Keys" option ( it turns grey once you put the pointer on the option

  • Fill in your first name and last name, Ownership of the account(s) will be preselected and click on Proceed

  • The option “Grant access” will be preselected, click on it
  • Select any account and click proceed

  • Then you will get the standard Vendo Confirmation Page.