Step 1 - Onboarding process

How do I get started?

If you're not already a Vendo client, getting your business up and running with Vendo is easy.

Complete our online onboarding process

During the onboarding process, compliance checks will be conducted on your site and business details to ensure adherence to regulations. Any necessary site modifications for compliance will be advised by your account manager.

After our approval, your application will be sent to the acquiring bank for review. The acquiring bank may have potential requests for additional changes. Approval or decline of your account will be based on the acquirer's requirements.

Remember: Different acquiring banks might ask for different sets of documents. In case of doubts our compliance team will accompany you through the process.

Compliance means meeting the requirements of both legal and card association regulations. This includes a comprehensive review of the content on your website by our compliance team before your application can progress.

You can learn more about card association rules here.