Controlling Fraud Overview

This is an overview of Vendo's fraud, risk and compliance system.

Over the years, Vendo has developed industry-leading systems around risk, compliance and fraud prevention that are invaluable not only for its clients but also every partner in the payments ecosystem.

Fraud control at Vendo consists of fraud prevention, chargeback management and post-transaction data analysis. Vendo also implements and tests the newest fraud detection tools as they come on the market.

Vendo stays on top of ever-changing regulations (i.e. CCPA, GDPR, Card Scheme rules, etc.) to implement the correct compliance measures ahead of time.

Vendo collects the information available from the end-user connecting to our servers to create risk and behavioural profiles. This data is used to identify fraud and protect merchants. A few examples of the types of data collected:

  • Time spent on page
  • Copy / paste actions
  • Clicks (Terms and Conditions, etc.)
  • Distance of the mouse

The data is then processed using AI algorithms for use in our fraud tools.