Change Offer link

The change offer link allows you to change a subscription billing schedule.

You can use a change offer link to upgrade a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription.
You can also use it to downgrade a yearly subscription to a monthly subscription.


Upgrading from trial to monthly.

If you need to upgrade your user's subscription from trial to monthly then you need to use the Instant Upgrade link. Click here for details about the Instant Upgrade link.


LifeTime, Tokens and expired subscriptions

Change Offer Upgrade or Downgrade can not be applied on LifeTime or Token offers. Neither is possible to apply on already expired subscriptions.


How does Change Offer work when upgrading a subscription?

The user is charged immediately after accepting the new offer. The amount will be prorated.

Example: If the user upgrades from a $30/30days offer to a $90/90days offer then the 90 days starts immediately. If he upgraded 10 days after the initial signup then he will be charged $80. This is because the $30/30days is prorated to $1/day.


How does Change Offer work when downgrading a subscription?

The offer will be changed right after the current billing period ends.

Example: If and user downgrades, say 10 days after buying a 90 days offer, to a 30 days offer then he will have to wait 80 days in order for the downgrade to take effect.

Base URL

The base URL for the Change Offer link is:


You can customize the link by adding parameters to it.

subscriptionintegeryesVendo Subscription ID.
offerintegeryesThe proposed Offer ID(s).
signaturestringyesThe URL Signature.

For more information, see Signing URLs


The end user subscription id is 345, the offer that will be displayed has the id 12, and its reference signature is OIPslx5X:

Redirection parameters

See the "Redirection parameters" and "Placeholders" sections under Standard Join link