The transaction postback gets posted when a transaction (payment, refund etc.) has been successfully processed.
It contains all the details related to the payment.



It's recommended that you save the Vendo Transaction ID and the Vendo Subscription ID for future reference and processes like One-clicks, Instant Upgrades, Cancellations, Refunds and so on.

Request parameters

ParameterData typeDescription
callbackstringSpecifies the action for this request, which in this case is "transaction".
usernamestringEnd user's username.
Example: bob
passwordstringEnd user's password.
Example: abc123
emailstringEnd user's email.
Example: [email protected]
subscription_idnumericVendo's subscription identifier.
Example: 123456789
site_idnumericVendo's site identifier.
Example: 123456789
merchant_idnumericVendo merchant identifier.
Example: 3625
customer_idnumericVendo's customer identifier.
Example: 123456789
firstnamestringEnd user's first name.
Example: Robert
lastnamestringEnd user's last name.
Example: Johnson
streetstringEnd user's street address.
Example: Sant Pere Mes Alt 20, 1
zipstringEnd user's zip code.
Example: 90350
citystringEnd user's city.
Example: Barcelona
countrystringEnd user's billing/invoice country. 2-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.
Example: US
languagestringEnd user's language. 2-letter ISO 639-1 format.
Example: en
ipstringEnd user's IP.
May be IPv4 or IPv6 formatted.
subscription_statusnumericIndicates the subscription’s status related to the transaction. The values are:
0 = expired
1 = active
2 = cancelled/expiring
offer_idnumericVendo internal offer id.
Example: 12345
price_point_type_idnumericType of price point - see price point types
offer_identifierstringYour offer identifier for the related offer on the transaction.
Example: 3dtrial
merchant_transaction_idstringYour content provider specific transaction id, normally passed on Streamate Payment transactions.
transaction_idnumericVendo internal transaction ID.
Example: 123456
transaction_typenumericType of transaction - [see transaction types]
price_point_amountnumericBase point amount configured for the content provider in the Back Office.
Example: 39,95
price_point_currencystringCurrency of the price point amount. 3-letter ISO 4217 format.
displayed_amountnumericEnd user's displayed amount.
displayed_currencystringEnd user's displayed currency.
invoice_amountnumericInvoice amount for the transaction.
invoice_currencystringCurrency for the invoice amount.
reporting_amountnumericInvoice amount converted to a reporting currency (USD).
reporting_amount_grossnumericGross invoice amount converted to a reporting currency (USD).
reporting_currencystringReporting currency. It will always be USD.
recurring_amountnumericNext charge transaction invoice amount.
recurring_currencystringNext charge transaction invoice currency.
displayed_recurring_amountnumericEnd user's displayed amount of next charge transaction.
displayed_recurring_currencystringEnd user's displayed currency of next charge transaction.
payment_method_idnumericIdentifier for the payment method used.
original_transaction_idnumericContains the original Vendo transaction ID if is a chargeback, refund or cross sale post.
Example: 1133893540
transaction_datetimenumericUnix timestamp (Epoch) of the transaction date in seconds since Jan 01 1970 (UTC).
Example: 1597150076
transaction_statusnumericIndicates the transaction status. The values are:
1 = successful
9 = chargeback
seller_affiliate_codestringUnique seller affiliate code, used for cross-sales.
offer_is_cdobooleanWhether or not a Cancel Discount Offer was applied.
offer_is_mdobooleanWhether or not a Merchant Discount Offer was applied.
offer_is_bdobooleanWhether or not a Back Discount Offer was applied.
offer_is_rdobooleanWhether or not a Retention Discount Offer was applied.
offer_is_edobooleanWhether or not an Expiry Discount Offer was applied.
is_xsalebooleanWhether or not the transaction was a cross sale.
merchant_referencestringYour custom passed reference in the join link via the ref parameter.
Example: 123
reason_messagestringOptional message explaining the reason for f.ex. a refund.
transaction_subtypenumericSpecifies Vendo's internal transaction type id. Potential values are listed in the transaction types page.
is_testbooleanWhether or not this request is related to a test transaction or subscription.
0 for no (real transaction)
1 for yes (test transaction)
payment_tokenstringYou may use this param to create S2S Payments and S2S Signups

If you need this feature please contact Vendo Merchant Support

Your server must reply with one of these response formats:

OK (Response code 1)

Reply with this if the request was received successfully.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

ERROR (Response code 2)

Reply with this if you encountered an unexpected problem with the request.

Include a custom error message with your message for tracing/debugging. Make sure this error message is meaningful because it is stored to a logfile for later debugging.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <errorMessage>Custom error message</errorMessage>