Manual capture

By default, all payments are authorized and captured immediately when a customer processes a purchase. You can enable delayed, manual capture by following the steps below.


SEPA and hard-goods

Learn more about how to handle SEPA transactions before shipping hard-goods.

Pre-authorization/Capture flow

To enable manual capture:

  1. Go to the settings page and uncheck the "Auto capture" checkbox


With auto capture disabled

When a customer purchases goods from your store with a credit card then only a preauthorization transaction is made. The amount is held on the credit card until captured.
The customer's card is really charged only after you click the "Capture" button on the order screen.

  1. Find the order with "On hold" status in WooCommerce/Orders menu
  1. Open the order
  1. Click the "Capture" button.

After a while you will see "Order updated." message.
Order status changes to "Processing" and customer's card is charged.