Add an outgoing cross-sale in upsells admin

Upsells Admin allows you to configure and view both upsells and cross-sales through NATS. Upsells allows you to sell membership upgrades to your members, and cross-sales allow you to send or receive membership subscriptions to or from other sites.

Before you can process upsells and/or cross-sales through NATS, you must have a biller that supports those transactions configured in your Billers Admin.


  1. Go to Administration and Management > Upsells Admin > Outgoing Cross-sells.
    Scroll down, select VSERVICES and click Add new option.
  2. Scroll down, select VSERVICES and click Add new option.
Outgoing cross-sales fieldsDescription
Product IDOutgoing cross-sale identifier
Ref CodeSite or Program name that the biller is subscribed to.
DomainCross-sale details
HTTPS PostSite and option identifiers
Is Master MerchantSelect whether is the master
Initial AmountSelect an initial amount.

Once you add the program, a new row is shown at the top of the table.
3. Title description disc (field in general) click, offer id provided by Client services and Save Changes.