One-click Join link

The one-click join link allows existing members to purchase additional products on your sites. Your members won't need to enter their full payment details.

Before you start

You can configure One-click offers in Vendo's back office. Follow this guide to configure one-click offers. If you need more help please contact Vendo Client Services [email protected]


SDK for PHP is available

If you're working on a PHP project then you can create the One-click links using Vendo's SDK for PHP. It will ease the integration process for you.

Installation instructions are here SDK for PHP

You can find examples in the code repository here

Base URL

The base URL for the one-click link is:

You can customize the link by adding parameters to it.


ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
subscriptionintegeryesVendo Subscription ID.

Unique identifier for the current membership of the end-user to whom the one-click offer is being advertised.
offerintegeryesThe Offer ID of the one-click offer.

Note: If someone builds a one-click link using a normal type of offer instead of a one-click offer ID, an application error is shown.

Note: If the selected offer type is a token, the transaction created will be a one-click token.
offersintegernoA comma-separated list of offer IDs you want to show in the one-click session.
signaturestringyesThe URL Signature.

For more information, see Signing URLs
refstringnoThis is a pass-through value that will be posted back to you in Vendo’s postback as the merchant_reference parameter.

Parameters for white-labelled sites

If you offer a white-label site (for example a white label dating solution) then you can pass the following extra parameters in the join link:

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
site_namestringnoThis is the name of the site using your whitelabel solution. We'll render this name in the payment page.
site_urlstringnoSite_url This is the URL of the site using your whitelabel solution. We'll use this URL together with the site_name in the confirmation page and any future communication that our platform will send via email, for example in the payment confirmation email.


For the sake of this example let us assume that the end user subscription id is 345, the offer that will be displayed to him has an identifier of 12, and the signature of the reference is OIPslx5X:,23,24&signature=OIPslx5X

If the URL has the parameter offers with the list of offers ids, the parameter offer is mandatory since it is the one indicating the selected offer.

Redirection parameters

See the "Redirection parameters" and "Placeholders" sections under Standard Join link