Integration solutions

Read this guide to choose the best solution. We'll explain all the options and give some examples of when you'll need each of them.

Integration with Vendo is easy! But not all businesses are created equal. Depending on your needs and current platform, pick the solution that works best for you.

Using NATS?

NATS is a popular piece of affiliate tracking and membership management software. If you're already using NATS with your current biller you are in luck - the setup takes less than 10 minutes. Head over to our NATS section here!
With NATS you will automatically be redirecting customers to Vendo's checkout pages and receive transaction updates from our VServices postback protocol.

E-Commerce platforms

If your shop is hosted on one of our supported e-commerce platforms, integration is as easy as downloading and installing our plugin. See if we support your platform here.

Hosted checkout pages

With Vendo Payment Links you can send your customers to our hosted checkout pages to make a payment. You need to have your sites, products and offers set up in our Backoffice before you can start generating the links. If you're using PHP in your projects you can use our SDK to generate the links for you. You will also need to create an API endpoint to receive transaction updates from us - see the postback documentation.
With hosted checkout pages you get subscription management, upgrades, one-clicks and much more.

S2S API (Server-to-server API)

For a fully customized payment flow you can use Vendo as a simple payment gateway, creating one-time transactions with our S2S Payment API. If you're using PHP in your projects you can use our SDK to call the API and parse the responses.
You will have to collect the payment details for your customers yourself but you won't have to store them since you can use a token for returning customers and recurring payments. If you provide subscription products, you will have to manage the billing schedule yourself.

SDK for developers

If you're using PHP in your projects then you can use Vendo's SDK for PHP to accelerate the technical integration.