Add a product to a site

A product also called an offer is an option you configure to allow end-users to purchase a product on a site. You can create as many products as you want and add them to different sites depending on your needs.

Create a product

  1. To create a product go to Catalog > Offers, and click + Add new offer.
  2. Fill in the configuration fields.
MerchantMerchant name
NameName of the offer
TypeNormal - Use this type for regular initial sales.
Cross Sale - Use this when setting up internal cross sales or cross sales with your partners.
One-click Signup - Use this type when you're setting up one click sales.
TitleSelect a title from the active options. The title will be displayed on the prejoin page to users.
I display the price on this offer to the end-user before Vendo does.When checked on, it disables Vendo's AI-driven Dynamic Pricing feature (if your account is configured with it).
Mark this option on when your product price points are explicitly defined in a mailing campaign, in a landing page or in any other end-user facing endpoint in your side.

You must also check the box on if you're not using Vendo's prejoin pages.
Time unit for price breakdownIt represents the amount that a customer is paying for the breakdown instead of the total.
If an offer has a membership of 30$ per month, and you configure the price breakdown per day, it will show: pay 1$/day.
RoundingChoose the type of rounding you want to apply to the offer.
Display totalCheck the box if you want to show the total amount of money when you configure a price breakdown.
Billing ScheduleHere you can customize the billing schedule by adding price, duration and a price point identifier.
  1. When you're ready click Save Changes.
    The new offer will show up in the list of available products you can choose for your sites.

Add a product to a site

Before you try to add a product to a site, you have to create offers following the instructions in the section above.

  1. To add a product to a site go to Catalog > Sites, and choose a site.
  2. Go to the Products tab, click the table and choose a product from the list.
  3. Explain the reasoning behind the selection and click Add Product.