You can refund a transaction anytime from the main transaction menu, or within the transaction details view.

Bulk Refund

  1. Select Transactions from Sales > Transactions main view.

You can select multiple transactions on this page by checking the boxes on the left from the transaction ID.

  1. Choose a Refund Option:

You have several refund options available on the top bar.

Refund: Standard refund process.
Cancel and Refund: This option is applicable to recurring subscriptions.
Refund and Expire: Note that this option does not apply to lifetime offers, tokens, etc.

  1. Select Refund Reason:

From the dropdown menu, choose the reason for the refund, then click "Continue."

  1. Confirmation:

A confirmation message will appear on the screen indicating that the transaction has been refunded successfully.

Single Transaction Refund

  1. Select Transaction:

Click on the desired transaction ID under Sales > Transactions. This will display the transaction and subscription details.

  1. Refund Options:

This view allows you to issue a refund or a partial refund.

  1. Issue Refund:
    • Click on the Refund button, or click on the arrow to the right of the refund button to issue a Partial Refund.
    • Select Reason: Choose a reason for the refund/partial refund from the dropdown menu.
    • Partial Refund: If issuing a partial refund, manually enter the amount. Note that a partial refund can be granted only once. Any subsequent refund for the same transaction will be for the remaining amount.
    • Choose Operation: Select the operation type: refund only, refund & cancel, or refund & expire.
    • Confirm Refund: Click the "Yes, refund!" button to confirm the refund

  2. Confirmation:

The system will display a notification above the transaction details confirming that the refund was successfully performed.



Once the refund has been completed, the system displays a message and a refund confirmation email is sent to the customer to inform them that the refund process has been made. The refund takes between 5 and 15 days to appear in the customer's account.



If a refund is issued on the same day the payment was processed, it is likely that the user was never charged and the transaction has simply been cancelled.