Add and edit sites

  1. To add a new site log into the backoffice and go to Catalog > Sites > + Add a new site.
  2. Fill in the fields, choose a category or add a new niche, add the site URLs and the compliance information.
MerchantChoose a merchant from the list. The site will be associated with this merchant.
Site nameThe site name that gets displayed in the backoffice list.
CategoryThe site will be categorized after this selection.
BenefitsSelect a benefit applicable for this site (the same choices as for the Niches).
Public URLRequired publicly available site URL.
Member URLRequired available URL for members. Only accessible for registered members
Success URLThis URL allows merchants to do auto-login with users. If the success URL is configured, the member's URL is not used.
Support URLCustomer support-specific URL
Postback URLThis URL is needed to communicate with the merchant's User Management API.
  1. Click Save changes.
    Once the site is created you can see it in the main list with the DRAFT status.

What’s Next

Add a product to a site