NATS sites and join options auto-sync with Vendo

The latest NATS 4 provides you with the possibility to automatically synchronize sites and join settings with Vendo. Whenever you create or update a new site or join setting, it will sync with Vendo.

Before you begin

  • You must have a Vendo Merchant ID and Shared Secret.
  • Ensure you have set up Vendo services as a biller in NATS. You can do this under the billers admin section.
  • Make sure your NATS instance is up to date with version or higher. Contact NATS support if you want to know more about upgrades.


  1. Go to Administration and Management > Configuration.
  2. Change Current Section to Billers.
  3. Make sure the option VSERVICES_ENABLE_AUTO_SYNC is checked.
  4. Save Store Changes.


  • Once the auto-sync is enabled, any site or join option updated or newly created automatically syncs with Vendo back office.
  • Once the auto-sync is enabled, you can't edit the VSERVICES site id or VSERVICES offer id. They get automatically populated.

Sync NATS existing sites and join options manually

It can happen that you have existing sites in NATS but not in Vendo. To synchronize these items across NATS and Vendo, follow these steps:

  1. To synchronize an existing site and its related join options, go to Administration and Management > Sites Admin > Site list and under Actions, select the new arrow icon to manually sync the sites and join options with Vendo.
  2. To synchronize a join option, select the new arrow icon under Actions to manually sync the join option with Vendo.