Adding Cross Sales

Cross sales are additional sales that occur along with the main subscription transaction.

Cross sales show up as extra checkboxes on the signup page. They allow you to make sales to multiple sites at the same time. A maximum of two cross-sales are allowed on the Vendo payment pages.


Getting cross sales partners

Vendo can help you getting cross sales partners. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

When the user submits the payment form Vendo will process one transaction for the main subscription and one transaction for each checked cross sale.

Vendo will then post the appropriate transaction information to the owner of each site. In the postback for the cross sale site, there will also be additional information identifying the site that generated the cross sale.



You must request approval from your Client Services representative to set up a cross sale, as we need to perform risk analysis for each cross-sale site that you link to.