Standard Join link

The standard join link may send users to either a one-step or a multi-step join process. Users make the initial membership payment through the standard join link and agrees to be automatically charged periodically for continued membership.

Base URL



Your site ID is a mandatory parameter and it must be included in the URL. For example


SDK for PHP is available

If you're working on a PHP project then you can create the Standard Join links using Vendo's SDK for PHP. It will ease the integration process for you.

Installation instructions are here SDK for PHP

You can find examples in the code repository here


General parameters

ParametersData typeMandatoryDescription
siteintegeryesYour site ID, assigned by Vendo.
Example: 2
pagestringnoThe page the user should start on.
join for single-page process or prejoin for 2-step process.
countrystringnoCountry the user resides in.

Note: Since the country is autodetected by Vendo, you do not need to include this parameter and we strongly recommend against using it.

2-letter ISO country codes.
Example: gb

Default: End user's country as determined from the IP address.

See a list of all ISO country codes
languagestringnoLanguage the user prefers.

Note: Since the language is autodetected by Vendo, you do not need to include this parameter and we strongly recommend against using it.

2-letter ISO language codes.
Example: en

Default: Preferred language as defined in end user's web browser.

See a list of all ISO language codes
billing_currencystringnoThis parameter allows you to force and block the display and billing currency shown to the end-user.

USD and EUR are the only supported values.

If the billing_currency param is set the url must be signed (see signature parameter).

3-letter ISO 4217 format
signaturestringnoThe URL signature.

For more information, see Signing URLs

User details parameters

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
emailstringnoPrefill the "Email" field.

[email protected]
usernamestringnoPrefill the "Username" field.

Example: Joe
passwordstringnoPrefill the "Password" field.
Note: Please see the password_encrypted parameter and consider encrypting the password before sending it.
To encrypt the password you can use our PHP SDK._
Note: If you don't need customers to enter a password before making a payment, send password=ignore and password_hide=1

_Example:* mypassword
password_encryptedbooleannoUse this parameter to indicate that the password parameter is encrypted.
Example: passwordencrypted=1&password=encryptedpassword

The password will be decrypted by Vendo to show it to the user in the confirmation page, confirmation email, or the customer portal.

Accepted values:
0 - password is not encrypted (default).
_ 1 - password is encrypted.
email_hidebooleannoHide the "Email" field.

Example: 1
Default: 0

You must supply the email using the email parameter if you intend to hide the "Email" field!
username_hidebooleannoHide the "Username" field.

Example: 1
Default: 0

Note: If the username field is hidden you must supply the username value.
password_hidebooleannoHide the "Password" field

Example: 1
Default: 0

Note: If the password field is hidden you must supply the password value. If your customers don't need a password to pay, send password=ignore
subscriptionintegernoUnique Vendo subscription ID of the end user to whom the standard join is being advertised.

We will use the user details from the subscription and we will reduce the number of fields on the join form to the minimum.

If the subscription param is set the url must be signed (see signature parameter).

One step join process parameters

One-Step Join Process parameters can be used to automatically fill in your user address information. You can also control whether your site title is displayed on this screen.

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
firstnamestringnoPrefill the "First Name" field.
Example: John
lastnamestringnoPrefill the "Last Name" field.
Example: Smith
streetstringnoPrefill the "Street" field.
Example: 123 My St
Note: This field is hidden by default. Let us know if you need to display it in your payment process.
citystringnoPrefill the "City" field.
Example: San Francisco
Note: This field is hidden by default. Let us know if you need to display it in your payment process.
zipstringnoPrefill the "Zip" field.
Example: 94114

Note: This is for US zip codes, if required by law
statestringnoPrefill the "State" field.
Example: California

- This is for US states, if required by law.
- This field is hidden by default. Let us know if you need to display it in your payment process.

Offers parameters

These parameters are optional. If you don't use them, the default parameters you specified when you registered your site in Vendo will be used. You can specify which offers are displayed to your end-users using the offers parameter, then you can use the selected_offer parameter to specify which one should be pre-selected. Keep in mind that if you send the wrong or invalid parameter values then the default configured offers will be displayed.

You can configure Offers in Vendo's back office. Follow this guide to configure offers.

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
offersintegernoLimits the list of offer the customer can choose from.

Can be a single offer ID or a list of offer IDs separated by comma.

If this parameter is not passed in then the default offers configured for a site will be displayed.

The order of the IDs in the list will define the order on the page.

Example: offers=1001,1002,1003
selected_offerintegernoChoose which offer should be preselected.

Example: selected_offer=1002

Cross sales parameters

If you have cross sales partners then you can,

  1. Configure cross sales offers in Vendo's back office.
  2. Use the following parameters to specify which cross sales to display.
    If you don't use the parameters that are specified in the table below then the cross offers that were configured in the back office (if any) will be displayed.

For more information see also Adding Cross-sales.


Getting cross sales partners

Vendo can help you getting cross sales partners. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
xsales_maxintegernoNumber of cross-sale offers to be displayed on the payment page.

Accepted values
0 - Do not display any cross-sales
1 - Display only 1 cross sale
2 - Display 2 cross sales.

Default value: 2
xsalesintegernoList of cross-sale IDs to be displayed on the payment page.


Default: If not specified, the first two cross-saless configured in Vendo's back office will be displayed.
xsale_refstringnoYour transaction reference values for any xsale transactions processed.

Comma separate the values if you have different reference values for each cross sale.

Vendo's platform will post these references in the transaction postbacks.


Redirection parameters

Redirection parameters are used to redirect end users back to your site. There are two parameters, one for successful transactions and one for failed transactions. Additionally, you can use placeholders which will be replaced with actual transaction data. Check the next section to get the list of available placeholders.

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
decline_urlstringnoRedirects the end-user to this URL if the transaction failed (i.e. payment was not successful)

Note: Make sure this parameter value (like all url parameters values) is url-encoded.


then url-encode it, this is how that example looks like after url-encoding it,
success_urlstringnoRedirects the end-user to this URL if the transaction was successfully processed. (i.e. the payment was accepted)

Note: Make sure this parameter value (like all url parameters values) is url-encoded.


then url-encode it, this is how that example looks like after url-encoding it,


You can use the placeholders listed in the table below in your success and decline URLs, Vendo's platform will replace them with actual transaction and subscription data.

For example, if you set the success_url to:{EMAIL}

and then end-user enters "[email protected]" in Vendo's payment form and the transaction gets accepted then the user will be redirected to the following URL.

Available placeholders

{EMAIL}The end-user's email address.
{USERNAME}The end-user's username.
{PASSWORD_ENCRYPTED}The end-user's encrypted password.
Uses AES-128 encryption with your personal shared secret, you can use our PHP SDK to encrypt the password.
{PASSWORD}The end-user's password.
Deprecated - use {PASSWORD_ENCRYPTED} instead.
{FIRSTNAME}The end-user's first name.
{LASTNAME}The end-user's last name.
{STREET}The end-user's billing address street.
{CITY}The end-user's billing address city.
{ZIP}The end-user's billing address zip code.
{COUNTRY}The end-user's billing country.
{REF}Your transaction reference.
{SUBSCRIPTION_ID}Vendo Subscription ID. This is only available for the success_url.
{TRANSACTION_ID}Vendo Transaction ID
{OFFER_IDENTIFIER}Your offer reference.
{SELECTED_OFFER}Offer ID for the selected offer.

Confirmation page parameters

This parameter allows you to control whether to show or not the user's credentials in Vendo's confirmation page.

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
logindata_hidebooleannoHides the username and password credentials on the confirmation page.

1 - Hide the information
0 - Show the information (default)

Pass-through parameter

The ref parameter is a "pass-through" parameter. On a successful transaction, this will value will be posted back to you in postbacks in the merchant_reference parameter.

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
refstringnoThe data that will be reported for the transaction event.

Maximum 1024 characters.

Will be reported back to you in the postbacks in the merchant_reference parameter.

Affiliate tracking parameters

Affiliate-generated visits can be tracked by including these parameters in the join link URL. These parameters will also be posted back to you in the transaction postback.

ParameterData typeMandatory
affiliate_idstringnoAffiliate identifier.
Please provide this parameter so Vendo can provide you reporting on your affiliates performance.


Please use 0 (zero) for organic and search engine traffic.
campaign_idstringnoCampaign identifier.

program_idstringnoProgram Identifier.


Payment method parameters

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
pmstringnoPre-selects a payment method.

The checkout page will have the specified payment method pre-selected from the dropdown if it's valid for the selected country and offer.

cc = Credit Card (default)
pi = Pay by Bank
sepa = SEPA
pg = PayGarden
in = Interac
pix = PIX
crypto = Cryptocurrency
paypal = PayPal


- Note that some payment methods may not be supported by Vendo in a given scenario. Only options that appear the the payment method dropdown can be preselected. Please read the notice below this table.


Pay by Bank, Crypto and PIX

Recurring payments are not supported by Pay by Bank (pm=pi), Crypto (pm=crypto) and PIX (pm=pix), please make sure you configure and provide non-recurring Offer IDs in the Join link.

Parameters for white-labelled sites

If you offer a white-label site (for example a white label dating solution) then you can pass the following extra parameters in the join link:

ParameterData typeMandatoryDescription
site_namestringnoThis is the name of the site using your whitelabel solution.

We'll render this name in the payment page.
site_urlstringnoThis is the URL of the site using your whitelabel solution.

We'll use this URL together with the sitename in the confirmation page and any future communication that our platform will send via email, for example in the payment confirmation email.


The site URL must be url -encoded.


  • site=5000 (The Vendo Site ID)
  • ref=XYZ-123-ABC (The pass through data that will be posted back to your platform)
  • offers=123 (Vendo will only display the Vendo Offer ID '123').
  • affiliate_id=0 (Zero means that the user came from organic or search engine traffic).

Example 1: Send the end-user to the payment process using all of the default options:

Example 2: Send the end-user to the payment process with all the default options plus the ref parameter for tracking user and transaction:

Example 3: Send the end-user to the payment process and specify the Vendo Offer IDs from which the user can choose and also specify your Affiliate ID so Vendo can track it for reporting purposes:,432,456