Pay by Bank

An instant bank transfer solution that lets customers pay directly from their bank account

What is Pay by Bank?

Pay by Bank, powered by Open Banking and utilizing Payment Initiation Services (PIS), is a new payment method that allows customers to pay directly from their bank accounts without manually entering card details. This streamlines the checkout process, fosters convenience, and enhances security for both your business and your customers.

How Does Pay by Bank Work?

  1. Customer Chooses Pay by Bank: At checkout, the customer selects Pay by Bank as their preferred payment method.
  2. Account Selection: They choose their bank from a list of participating institutions.
  3. Secure Bank Login: They are redirected to their bank's secure login page to authenticate themselves.
  4. Payment Confirmation: Customers review the payment details and confirm the transaction through their bank's platform.

Limitations of Pay by Bank: Recurring Payments



Please note that recurring offers, such as subscriptions and trials, are not currently supported with Pay by Bank. Customers cannot authorize automatic charges for subscriptions or ongoing services using this payment method.

If a customer selects the Pay by Bank payment method for a recurring offer, Vendo will automatically adjust it to a one-time purchase for the equivalent duration (e.g., a 3-day trial that upgrades to a monthly recurring will become a 1-month purchase). This ensures a smooth and secure checkout experience.

We are actively working on adding support for recurring payments through Pay by Bank and will implement this feature as soon as it becomes technically feasible.



Pay by Bank transactions can not be refunded

Unlike traditional payment methods where transactions can be reversed or refunded, Pay by Bank transactions are immediate and irreversible. Therefore, once a payment is made, it cannot be refunded through the Pay by Bank system.

Availability by country

Pay by Bank is a payment method that relies on partnerships and integrations with specific banks and financial institutions. Due to varying technical requirements, regulatory considerations, and business agreements, not all issuing banks may be compatible with Pay by Bank at the moment.

The availability of Pay by Bank for certain issuing banks depends on factors such as the bank's infrastructure, willingness to integrate with Pay by Bank systems, and compliance with relevant regulations. As a result, some banks may not currently support Pay by Bank payments.

We are continually working to expand our network of partnering banks to make Pay by Bank accessible to more customers.

Pay by Bank is currently available in the following countries:

Åland Islands (AX), Andorra (AD), Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), France (FR), French Guiana (GF), Germany (DE), Greece (GR), Guadeloupe (GP), Ireland (IE), Italy (IT), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Malta (MT), Martinique (MQ), Mayotte (YT), Monaco (MC), Montenegro (ME), Netherlands (NL), Portugal (PT), Republic of Kosovo (XK), Reunion (RE), Saint Martin French part (MF), San Marino (SM), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), Spain (ES), Vatican City (VA)

Pre-select Pay by Bank as the default payment method (Hosted integration)

You can force Pay by Bank as the pre-selected payment method on our checkout page.

Add the parameter pm=pi to your join link as explained under Payment method parameters

When pre-selecting Pay by Bank, we strongly advise using the offers parameter to offer non-recurring subscriptions only.