Sales & Marketing

Do you have references from clients who have used you and other billers?

Yes, of course. Here are a few references from leading companies.

David Tasillo, C.O.O., MindGeek

"Vendo has been a partner of ours for many years and from day 1 their team has constantly brought us new ideas for user experience optimization and revenue maximization. Their product and analytics team are second to none and simply focused on growth for all their merchants. A great long term partner to work with!"

Sean Christian, Founder - CEO, Revolution Force

“Due to the nature of our industry, we are at the mercy of the traditional billing companies and processing options, which have no incentive to reinvest their profits for the purpose of innovation, research, and technology. Vendo is the exception. Vendo is the only company that spends its own money to push the envelope and integrate big data in a manner that makes its clients money."

Steven Gallon, Founder - CEO, GroobyBucks

"I've been working with Vendo for many years, their billing service and their personal attention to each aspect of my company's billing needs is second to none." *

Roy, Founder, Wow Dollars

“The reason we love Vendo is flexibility which no one else offers and personal support, which in return gives us much higher profits.”

Andrew Hellner, Director of Sales and Marketing, VideosZ

“We love working with Vendo because they’re constantly challenging the status quo and developing new ways to increase sales and customer lifetime value by applying cutting edge tools and analytics.”

Where can I review Vendo fees and T&Cs?

Please complete our Payperless Onboarding to download your contract.

Can Vendo onboard a freelance with an acquirer?


Cross-sales - how many can you handle? How does it affect risk?

Cross Sale are all about balance. Our approach is to optimize based on the big picture so we find the right balance between risk and revenue.
For some combinations of consumer and product mean zero cross sales. In other cases, it means one or two clearly disclosed cross-sale offers.

Can I have free trials on my site?

Yes, you can have free trials as long as they comply with rule changes from VISA / MC.

Currencies - how do you handle them?

We set the price in the local currency for the customer based on his/her Geo IP location.

Does Vendo have a Demo portal of your back office?

No. We do not have a demo portal, but you can contact Vendo Client Services team at [email protected] schedule a walk-through tour of our back office.

Does Vendo have experience with our type of business, meaning selling digital products within subscriptions?

We work with the largest and most innovative digital product and subscription companies in the world.

Do I need a European corporation to work with Vendo?

No. If you are incorporated in Europe then we will work with European acquiring banks.

If you are in incorporated in the US we will work with US acquiring banks.

What countries does Vendo accept applications for?

Vendo accepts applications from Merchants incorporated in the following countries:

Croatia (local Name: Hrvatska)
Czech Republic
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Faroe Islands
French Guiana
Isle of Man
San Marino
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
United Kingdom
United States
Vatican City State

Do you allow us to process payments in the US on a European entity?

Yes, we process payments in over 150 countries, including the US.
If you are incorporated in the US we do this through US acquirers.
If you are incorporated in Europe we process your transactions - including from the US - in Europe.

How much more we will make with Vendo than with our current system?

Vendo invests heavily on technologies that increase your revenue and reduce your risk. If you'd like more information write us at [email protected]

Do you work with cams?

Yes. We’ve been working with the largest cam provider for years. One clicks are easy to set up.

How are the new risk tools different than old risk tools other billers use?

Our new risk tools rely on artificial intelligence and trained risk specialists.
Old risk tools do not learn and improve. They let in too much fraud or block too many good transactions.
Only AI working with experts can optimize your risk.

How much of our billing should we keep with our legacy biller / system?

We recommend you keep 10% with your legacy biller / system. This is important for business continuity reasons. You should always have a back up.

I have an American company. Can I work with Vendo?

Yes, you can. If you are in incorporated in the US we will work with US acquiring banks.

Support: Is Vendo’s support on GMT time zone and what is the average turn-around time?

We offer support during US and European business hours. For non-urgent issues our turn-around time is within a day. For any urgent matters we can be reached at 24 hours a day.

What information do I need to provide to start working with Vendo?

We need full corporate information including the ultimate beneficiary owners details. Please refer to our online application, which you can find here

Will Vendo assign an Account Manager to me?

We do account management as a team. For any business related question please contact Vendo at [email protected] at any time.

Will your payment forms adapt to mobile and tablets devices?

Yes, each payment form adapts automatically to mobiles and tablets. These are referred to as responsive or fluid forms. We experiment with a variety of user experiences and test what works best on each device.

What is the definition of Acceptance Ratio (AR) and Unique Acceptance Ratio?

The Acceptance Ratio is the number of successful transactions divided by the number of transactions attempted. For example, if the Acceptance Ratio is 75%, on average, you had 3 successful transactions for every 4 attempts.

The Unique Acceptance Ratio measures unique users rather than attempts. If a user attempts a transaction several times after his transaction is declined, the Acceptance Ratio will include all attempts while the Unique Acceptance Ratio will include only one.

The Unique Acceptance Ratio is always higher than the Acceptance Ratio and is a better indicator to compare the performance between acquirers.

Typically the more attempts users make to purchase, the more money the merchant will earn. The Acceptance Ratio goes down but the Unique Acceptance Ratio goes up.

What countries do Vendo process in?

Vendo Services accepts transactions in over 150 countries. Vendo does not block transactions per country.

How long does an application review usually take?

The onboarding process is composed of the following steps:
Creation of an account at Vendo onboarding: Review time 1~2 days
Revision of the documentation provided by the Merchant: Review time 3~5 days
Registration of a Merchant at an Acquirer: Review time 3~5 days

Does Vendo accept prepaid cards?

Yes. Vendo accepts VISA and MasterCard prepaid cards.

How much is Vendo's fee for payment services?

Vendo offers competitive rates based on a number of factors including industry and volume.
Please complete our onboarding process to access the rates in our agreement.

What is (The VendoStore)?

The VendoStore is a market which includes the catalog of the products and services sold through Vendo. This market may generate traffic and sales for you.

What is 1-in?

Let's say you make 1 sale for every 500 visitors. We could say your 1-in is 500 or 1:500 or you would need 500 visitors to produce one sale.

What does CTR mean?

CTR stands for "Click-through rate" and refers to the percentage of visitors that go from one page to the next one.

Example: a 3% CTR on the product page to checkout page means that 3% of the visitors that reach the product page reach the checkout page (payment page).

How does Vendo calculate my Conversion Ratio (CR)?

The Conversion Ratio is calculated as the number of sign-ups divided by the total number of visitors of the checkout page.

CR can also be expressed as the number of visitors required to have a signup. In this case, a CR of 1% is equivalent to a CR of 1 in 100 (1:100)

Offers: how many of them should I display to my visitors?

We recommend a maximum of three offers to avoid confusing shoppers.