Acceptance Ratio

The payment acceptance ratio, also known as the payment authorization rate, is the percentage of successful transactions out of all attempted ones.

Accepted Payments

An accepted payment is any payment that is successfully processed.

Active Subscription

A subscription that does not have an expiration date. The member has access to the content.


Requests for a purchase/payment process.

Billing Country

It refers to the geographical location of the customer payment method issuer.

Cancelled Members

The number of members who cancelled (and will cancel) during the current month.

Cancellation Reason

It explains why the membership has been canceled.

Cancelled Subscription

A subscription that will expire on a scheduled date. It also includes non-recurring subscriptions. The member still has access until the expiration date.


Transaction type associated with a charge that is returned to a payment card after a customer successfully disputes an item on their account statement through their issuer. The payment card will normally transfer this liability to the acquiring bank and the acquiring bank to the merchant that initiated the transaction.

Chargeback Ratio

A chargeback ratio (sometimes known as a chargeback-to-transaction ratio or CTR) can be calculated by taking the number of Chargeback the acquirer received for a merchant in a calendar month (say, June), and dividing that by the number of sales transactions processed by the merchant in that month.

Checkout Page

Also known as the payment page. It displays the fields where to input the payment details and complete the payment process.

Conversion Rate (CR)

Rate of visits between two pages (for example checkout page to confirmation page).


Person (end-user/cardholder) that can make a purchase. A customer is uniquely identified with an email.

Cross Sale

Refers to transaction type that allows the visitor to buy a secondary product at the same time of a primary product.

Declined Payments

A rejected payment can occur for a variety of reasons and is also called a declined transaction.

Decline Reason

It explains why a payment has been declined.

Expiration Date

Day and time a subscription was expired. The content can not be accessed any longer.

Expired Subscription

A subscription that has been terminated. It can be repurchased. The member does not have access.


Refers to any transaction that initiates a subscription.

Life Time Value (LTV)

The average revenue per subscription in a specific time frame.


Is a customer that owns a subscription.


An identity that has a relationship with an acquiring partner. It also holds a group of sites.

Net Member Change

The difference in the number of members that created a new subscription and the ones who cancelled during a specific time frame.

New Members

The number of new member who joined (and will join) during the current month.


Combination of the price and duration that customers will pay for a product.

One-time Payment

Refers to any transaction that does not initiate a subscription or it is part of one. It is created by offers without a specific duration.

Payment Type

It refers to the method used for the customer to perform the payment. This type can include, but not only: Mastercard, Visa, SEPA, etc.

Payout Currency

The currency used by Vendo to bill merchants for a payment.

Product Page

Page that lists the different products and price options. In the past, it was known as prejoin page.


Refers to the transaction type that takes care of charging the user recurrently.

Refund Ratio

It explains the reason for processing a refund on a successful payment.

Refund Reason

Total count of refunds, divided by your total count of sales, for any given time period

Registration Date

Day and time a subscription was created.


The time difference between the expiration date and the registration date of a subscription.


Gross amount (usually in USD) generated by a sale.

Revenue Per Click (RPC)

Average revenue generated for each visit.


Refers to any transaction that generates positive revenue.


Collection of actions performed by a visitor during the purchase process. A session is created for a specific visitor, on a specific moment (date time), site, and product/offer.


Unique URL where a merchant sells products.


It embraces all transactions belonging to the same customer on a specific site for an a specific offer.


Count of times a visitor clicks the submit button to request the payment.


Refers to any exchange of a specified amount of funds from a shopper for purchasing products or services from a merchant (or for fulfilling any obligation between the two parties).


Refers to any transaction that initiates a subscription with a short duration. This subscription requires an upgrade to be converted to a recurring subscription.

Unique Acceptance Ratio (UAR)

Accepted payments per attempts.

Unique Attempt Ratio

Attempts per visits on a checkout page.


The transaction that happens at the end of a trial period.


A physical person that accesses any page on our frontend (product page, checkout page, one-click page, customer portal, etc.). It is identified using visitor_pid which is stored in the cookies. The visitor is tracked across all pages during the whole workflow.


Count of sessions. Also known as traffic. Depending on the page it is specified as: product page traffic, checkout page traffic, etc.