Customizing checkout pages

With Vendo you are able to control the look and feel of the product and checkout pages. You can add your brand or your own images and video.

Vendo Asset Examples

#1 Rule of Marketing: "Know Your Customers."

Assets will be used to create experiences like product pages (Vendo Product pages) to sell your products in the best way to each shopper, based on their unique profile. Treating shoppers uniquely will increase your sales and multiply your opportunities to make more money without leaving any on the table.

You can share these assets with us by Google Docs or Dropbox to our email address [email protected]
We don't receive assets via Email because it's an unsuitable method for sharing large files.
Please share/upload a ZIP file with the assets and the site’s name (ex.


You can provide a short video. The video will be played in the background of the Vendo Product page, in a loop and without sound.

  • Duration: Maximum 20 seconds
  • In 3 Formats: MP4, OGV and WebM
  • Size: approximate 5MB, 1920 wide
  • And an image/screenshot (1920 × 1080) of the beginning of the scene of the video

Images (up to 10 of each)

1280 x 1309
980 x 490
980 x 270
980 x 200
600 x 330
140 x 175