It's a legacy feature. For S2S Signups please refer payment-gateway page



You can only initiate S2S Sign-up if Vendo enables your account to do so.
The S2S Sign-up API cannot be used to create new subscriptions for new customers, only existing customers.

The S2S Sign-up API can be used by selected clients to process interaction-less initials for existing end-users.

You need:

  • a Vendo Merchant ID
  • a Shared Secret, which is given to you when you signup with Vendo.
  • a Gateway Offer ID, which is a unique identifier for the price point of the signup offer.
  • a Subscription ID
  • a Site ID


The S2S Sign-up API will return a JSON object formatted response. The JSON object will have 3 root properties.

Details about the request you made. Includes a 'request_id' which can be used to get more details about the processing of the request.Details about the result of the request. If successful it will hold an identifier to the transaction. If an error occurred it will contain an error message and possibly an error code."ok" or "error"

Successful requests
A transaction might take up to 1 minute to process. Successful requests return an HTTP status code of "200 Ok", and a JSON object in the body that looks like the following example:

    "status": "ok",
    "request": {
        "request_id": "X1XrysCoM7IAACmJXzQHAAAs",
        "merchant_id": "1",
        "subscription_id": "160017943",
        "site_id": "2323"
    "result": {
        "transaction_id": 30078791

If any error occurs during the request, an HTTP status code in the range of 4-5xx returns. The body may contain a JSON object with the error details similar to the example below:

    "status": "error",
    "request": {
        "request_id": "X1XrysCoM7IAACmJXzQHAAAs",
        "merchant_id": null,
        "subscription_id": null,
        "site_id": null
    "result": {
        "error_message": "Missing parameter merchantId",
        "error_code": null