The reconciliation API report is a list of your end-users transactions for a given period of time.

The report can be generated in CSV or XML format. You can specify which transactions you would like to receive, based on one of the following criteria:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • One or more sites IDs
  • Transaction Id


Whenever you need to generate a reconciliation report, you can make a POST or GET request to our Reconciliation API. Typically you would prepare a script that would request the report on a regular basis. If you need help with the script, contact our Client Services department.

Your script prepares the request which is posted to our URL. The response will be a CSV file (MIME type text/csv) or an XML file (MIME type text/xml). You can then store or parse this data according to your needs.


  1. Select the set of transactions you want to receive.
  • Start date and end date: A maximum difference of one month is allowed between the two dates. The maximum end date is the current date. If no end date is specified, data will be returned for only the start date.
  • Site ID: You can specify several sites ID.
  • Format: Choose the format you want the data.
  • transactionId: Vendo transaction Id. This will return only the report for one transaction at a time. If the given transaction was not successful, the reconciliation API will not return any data. Returned field transactionCount will be 0.


ColumnType (Length)Description
siteIDsintegerSite identifier
startDatedateStart date
endDatedateEnd date
transactionCountintegerTotal number of reported transactions for the request.
dateTimedate timeDate and time of the transaction.Timezone: GMT
typeintegerTransaction type: See, transaction types.
isNegativeintegerDefines whether money will be debited or credited to the content provider. (0 = no; 1 = yes)
isTestintegerDefines if the transaction was a test-transaction. Test-transactions will not be credited to the content provider. 0 = no 1 = yes
siteIDintegerVendo's site ID.
paymentMethodIDintegerDefines the payment method that was used with this transaction.
binintegerFirst 6 digits of a credit card.
lastFourintegerFour last digits of a credit card.
expiryMonthchar (2)Two digits number representing the expiration month of a credit card. Using a leading zero when needed e.g. '09'.
expiryYearintegerFour digits number representing the expiration year of a credit card.
merchantReferencevarchar (1024)Custom data passed through a join link.
sellerAffiliateCodevarcharUnique seller affiliate code for crossales.
originalTransactionIDintegerVendo's unique transaction ID of an original transaction associated with a refund or chargeback.
programIDvarcharProgram ID
campaignIDvarcharCampaign ID
affiliateIDvarcharAffiliate ID
reafundReasonvarcharReason message for transactions of type refund
chargebackReasonvarcharReason message for transactions of type chargeback
amountfloat unsignedAmount the end user paid.
currencyvarchar (3)Currency of the end user's payment.
amountfloat unsignedInvoice amount converted to your preferred reporting currency.
amountGrossfloat unsignedReporting gross amount.
currencyvarchar (3)Your preferred reporting currency (Default USD).
taxRatefloat (3)Tax rate
amountfloat unsignedAmount displayed to the end-user.
currencyvarchar (3)Currency shown to the end-user.
offerIDintegerOffer ID
TypeIDintegerVendo Offer Type ID.
pricePointTypeIDintegerPrice Point type ID
pricePointIdentifiervarcharPrice point ID
pricePointDurationintegerPrice Point Duration
pricePointDurationUnitvarcharPrice Point Duration Unit
pricePointAmountfloatPrice Point Amount.
customerIDintegerCustomer ID
emailvarcharEnd user's email address.
firstnamevarcharEnd user's first name.
lastnamevarcharEnd user's last name.
streetvarcharEnd user's street address.
zipvarcharEnd user's postal code.
cityvarcharEnd user's city.
countrychar(2)End user's country. 2-letter ISO codes.
languagechar (2)End user's language. 2-letter ISO codes.
ipvarchar(39)Customer's IP address
subscriptionIDintegerSubscription ID
usernamevarcharEnd user's username.
passwordvarcharEnd user's password.

Error codes:

MANDATORY_PARAMETERS_MISSING0Mandatory parameters missing.
MERCHANTID_IS_INVALID5Merchant-ID is invalid.
AUTHTOKEN_IS_INVALID6AuthToken is incorrect.
ACCESS_DENIED9No permission to access API. Please contact Vendo: [email protected]
DATE_IS_INVALID1001Date-Format incorrect. Use YYYY-MM-DD
DATE_OUT_OF_RANGE1002Date out of range.
INVALID_MONTH1003Invalid month in date.
INVALID_DAY1004Invalid day in date.
ENDDATE_SMALLER_THAN_STARTDATE1005Startdate has to be smaller than enddate.
QUERY_EXCEEDS_TIMEFRAME1006Query exceeds max reporting timeframe.
REPORTS_AVAILABLE_UNTIL_TODAY1007Reports are only available up to "today's date".
INVALID_SITEIDS2001SiteIds contain non integer values.
ANAUTHORIZED_SITEIDS2002SiteIds contain unauthorized IDs.
UNAUTHORIZED_TRANSACTIONID2003TransactionId unauthorized.
UNKNOWN_ERROR9999Unknown error occurred.