Non-recurring payments option

Better support for one-time charges

What is it?

The non-recurring payments option is a new setting that is available from version 2.3.0 of the plugin.
By enabling this setting it may be possible to improve acceptance of one-time charges that do not incur any automatic rebilling.

How to enable it

This option can be enabled under the Credit Card settings of the plugin:


By default the option is disabled to ensure backwards compatibility with previous versions.


How does it work

When this option is enabled, all one-off purchases (i.e. non-subscription purchases) are sent to Vendo with a flag marking them as non-recurring.
Without this flag, Vendo always assumes a purchase may incur subsequent merchant-initiated rebilling (just in case a merchant would like to charge automatically for subsequent installments).
However, always assuming a charge may be the first in a series of installments may cause some banks to reject the initial charge. For this reason, we now support marking a charge as non-recurring, so that banks are less likely to reject it.
We recommend enabling this option if you are not selling subscriptions and are seeing many transactions being rejected with error 1311 ("The purchase authorization failed"). Monitor the transactions carefully after enabling the option and verify that the rate of error 1311 is going down. If you experience any issue, revert to disabling this option.