Vendo + ImLive integration

Follow this simple process to have your ImLive site working with Vendo. You only need to upload a php script to your server. Before doing so you need to have a working ImLive site properly integrated with your own main sites. This is also a breeze, please contact ImLive and they will guide you through their set up process.

ImLive site configuration

  1. ImLive will create a whitelabel site for you on their platform.
  2. Vendo will create a new site under your MID on Vendo's platform, this site will be used by ImLive to charge end users.
  • Vendo site configuration will be handled by Vendo and ImLive for you. You just need to inform us that your setup on ImLive's platform is completed.

Once you have configured your site at ImLive you only need to follow these steps

  1. Get the PHP script. We will provide you the download link upon request. This is only available for existing clients. If you're not a client yet then click here to head over to the sign up form.
  2. Open the script and configure your Shared Secret in line #10.
  3. Upload the script to your server in a public accessible URL. For example,
  4. Inform ImLive about the script URL.

That's it! ImLive and/or Vendo will inform you when your setup is ready for tests and also when it's ready to go live.